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Our Background

Indah  Alam  Resources  Sdn Bhd  was  initially established  in  2005  to  engage  in  technology consultation and project management. Over the years, we have managed to provide consultations to a number of companies looking for grants such as L.A Maxwell, Nocon Technology Sdn Bhd, Agrowaste Sdn Bhd, Biodeinking Sdn Bhd and etc.
With the advancement of technology, Indah Alam Resources had progressed further to venture into other areas such as ICT, Training, Project Management, Innovation and Qualified Technologies and others. This is in compatible with our philosophy i.e. Continuous Improvement Every day in Everything We Do.
We will continue progressing and on the lookout for new ventures as well as improving and mastering the existing areas we have.  It is in our sincere hope that Indah Alam Resources will be one of the outstanding name in the areas that we specialize in.